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they/them/theirs pronouns

PC: Bruce Silcox

About Me

Boozhoo, aaniin nindinawemaaganidog. Sequoia Hauck nindizhinikaaz. Ajiaak nindodem. Gaa-waabaabiganikaag nindoonjibaa. Ashkibagi-ziibiing nindaa 


Sequoia's family is from the White Earth Nation and the Hoopa Valley. They grew up in Mni Sota Makoce (Minnesota) in what is now the Twin Cities. Creating art is something that they have always done. They started doing theatre at a young age and has never stopped. They have since then expanded into also creating performance art, films, and poetry. They find that most of their work is about the Indigenous perspective of water. 

Sequoia is queer multidisciplinary artist in the Twin Cities focused on creating theater, film, poetry, and performance art that decolonizes the process of art-making. They have seen first hand how art has the ability to inspire, connect, and build a sense of community. They makes art surrounding the narratives of continuation and resiliency among her communities.


Sequoia enjoys dabbling in many aspects of performance/theater as a stage manager, house manager, producer, director, curator, playwright, and performer. Sequoia has worked on and offstage with organizations such as Aniccha Arts, Art Shanty Projects, Exposed Brick Theatre, Māoriland Film Festival, Pangea World Theater, Patrick's Cabaret, Poetry and Pie, The Southern Theater, and Turtle Theater Collective.

Sequoia's Resume Coming Soon
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