Good Night at The Southern Theater
Hosting a Monday night show presenting local artists works at The Southern Theater.

PC: Taz Song'ony
Te Mana o Te Wai
A multimedia performance insulation piece using the poetry Sequoia wrote while on their study abroad in Aotearoa/ New Zealand as well as videos of water from their home as well as Aotearoa to highlight Sequoia's connection with water.
Poetry and Pie - 2019
Sequoia was asked to write a poem connecting to their ancestors. Sequoia wrote two poems about our ancestors the soil, the sky, the moon, the lakes, and the rivers. The canoe paddle is an extenuation of a persons arm and the direct connection to the water, which is why these poems were painting on two canoe paddles. The paddle were hand crafted by Jacob Bernier and the artwork is by Angela Richards.

PC: Bruce Silcox
Parking Ramp Project
Aniccha Arts premieres a performance installation inside a seven-level parking garage. The project asks questions about transience, migration, and stability in a space that temporarily stores cars and is home to nothing. Performers pervade the parking structure with their bodies, working against the visible slant of the ramp to find their individual verticality.

PC: Cully Gallagher
Poetry and Pie - 2018
Sequoia and Taz Song'ony share poems that they have written together. Their poems are mostly centered around African and Indigenous womxn. The poems were titles Black Joy and Water, I See You, and Missing Poem.

PC: Bruce Silcox
Unearthing Silence
HECUA’s Art for Social Change Open House exhibition “Unearthing Silence”. The journey of ten artists of various disciplines as they showcase projects exploring and analyzing truth, history, identity, and systems that silence.

PC: Madison Ballis
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